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I always imagined that looking back one day and I would have this amazing story of how it all began.

Printing and designing just sort of ‘happened’ for me.  I’ve always been a little odd, with a hodge podge of likes and interests. I grew up in a conservative southern home with a house load of brothers. I’m a not so closeted nerd though. It makes me a big mish-mash of things. I graduated college with a degree in Psychology and Musical Theatre. I spent a majority of my time directing and costume designing. Or, of course, with my nose stuck deep in a book.

It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with something and not be able to find anything to help blast my new obsession to the world. And that’s how it all began. A girl, and a love, and a need for everyone to know.

My first print screen was made by tracing an image on a screen in an embroidery hoop and elmer’s glue. (Don’t worry. I’ve definitely progressed since then.) I was hooked immediately. My grandmother would say something sassy and my brain would start whirlin’ until I had managed to squeeze out a design and a print from her quote. I printed something on everything I could find.

Eventually, I started selling my designs because my husband started fussing about shirts piling up all over the house. This was the second greatest idea he’s ever had. The first was marrying me, of course.

Since then my little shop has grown into what you see now. My little family grew with the addition of my two daughters, Ambie & Aerith. And my love for all things wonderful continues to exceed my imaginations.